Limited Edition Kater Owl Joggers
Printed using dye sublimation on polyester. Inside material is poly cotton blend.  Elastic waist and cuffs.  Features two zipper pockets (1 on each side) and a stash pocket inside the waistband (perfect size for a credit card and ID!  Limited edition of 50 design by Kater! 
Limited Edition Landmark Joggers
Le/45  design by Kater includes two pockets with zippers & a stash pocket inside the waist band 
Ganja Basketball Shorts
Design by Kater.  LE/35  
Limited Edition Kater Ganja Shorts (pink)
Design by Kater.  Basketball shorts  100% polyester. Stretchy with comfortable fit waistband.   Limited edition run of 50. 
Story of the Universe Joggers
Features two zip pockets   secret stash pocket inside of waistband   Design by Kater  limited edition /20   
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Story of the Universe (purple orange) joggers
Features two zip up pockets.   Secret pocket inside of the waistband.  Limited edition of 20.  Design by Kater   
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